Neomics offers various bio services using our technologies we have developed or experienced during our R&D of biomarker validation and drug discoveries.


I. Recombinant Protein(Antigen)/Antibody Development & Production Service

    1. Protein(Antigen) Development

    1. Protein expression and purification from E coli
      • Protein Expression and Solubility Tests available in various E. Coli host strains
      • Affinity (6xHis, TRX-6xHis, GST-tagged protein), Ion-Exchange, gel filtration chromatography
      • Quick and accurate delivery of the proteins, through 1-to-1 consultation with Biocon’s protein purification experts

    2. Protein production from mammalian cell after transient expression of provided DNA
      • Customized protein production from provided mammalian expression plasmid


    2. scFv Antibody screening

      • scFv Ab panning from human synthetic Ab library (≥ 10^10 diversity)
      • Fast (4 weeks), small amounts Ag (300 μg), non-animal and various application for research, diagnosis or therapeutics


    3. Antibody Production

    1. Ab production and purification of IgG from mammalian cell after transient expression of provided Ab DNA (production scale: 0.5 mg – 2g)
    2. scFv Ab expression and purification from E coli
    3. Hybridoma cell culture


    4. Antibody verification testing

    1. Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Staining
      • FFPE / TMA / Frozen Tissue
      • Staining / Imging / Reading & Analysis

    2. ELISA Kit Development
      • Sandwich ELISA development from purified Antibodies
      • Report analytical validation data: LoD, LoQ, Precision, Accuracy and Specificity

    3. Bead (Luminex bead) based Multiplex assay
      • Various antibody validation test using Bio-Plex 200 instrument
      • Multiplex assay service from commercial assay kit

    4. SPR assay
      • antibody Affinty (Kd value) measurment using Biocore T200

    5. Antigen & antibody Purity Check
      • Quantified antigen & antibody purity check from electrophoresis peak by Bioanalyzer (lab- on-a-chip based)


II. Customized Cell Banking (& Cell Culture) Service

    1. Cell Line

    1. Customized cell culture and preparation of stocks from provided cell line with quantity and method specified
    2. Aseptic conditions only for separate cell banking & culture facilities according to Biocon’s in-house cell culture SOP
    3. Mycoplasma Free cell Culture

    2. DNA clone

    1. Research Use for Only
    2. 23 of sequence verified human ARS genes available
    3. 100 of sequence verified human cancer associated genes (CAG) available


III. 3D Cell Culture Service