About Us

Neomics is a new material development company that builds a foundation based on innovative new cancer target identification and cosmetic material development. Especially, Neomics focuses on Aminoacyl tRNA synthetase(ARS) research to further development as new drug targets and cosmetic materials.

Neomics was founded in 2005 to research and develop new anticancer drugs using one of ARS-interacting multi- functional proteins (AIMPs). Additionally, Neomics has developed AIMPs which has diverse function to functional cosmetic materials.

Neomics has partnerships with Medicinal Bioconvergence Research Center(BIOCON), Samsung Medical Center, Daewoong Pharmaceutical and Yoohan Pharmaceutical for in vivo test and clinical test. We are looking forward to develop functional cosmetic material.

Neomics had been funded by Korean Development Bank Capital, Novartis Bioventures, Daewoong Pharmaceutical (Korean Pharmaceutical) and etc., and it is located in Suwon City of Gyeonggi-do Korea.

Recently, we are focusing on developing functional cosmetic materials with protein that is derived from AIMP1. Neomics is doing intesive research on skin disease and skin care to develop cosmetic materials and disease therapeutic drugs.